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December 23, 2021

In Search of the Big Aha: 14 Questions for a Mindful New Year

Love New Years? Here's 14 questions to make it mindful, meaningful, and help you focus on what truly matters.
May 20, 2020
vicki mcleod

Why Goal Setting Doesn’t Work

Goals can't just matter on the surface. We need goals that offer a compelling vision of the future. What is the big difference you're trying to make in the world?  Or are you making in your workplace, family life or business?
January 20, 2014

Love Your Work? No More Effing Apologies, Then.

When people call you a dreamer, I suggest that you thank them. Now, I know this isn't always easy, because chances are you're not hearing it as a compliment and likely it's being leveled at you as an accusation.